Work-Life Balance : How to maintain work to life balance !?

Work-life balance is less about splitting the hours in your day like between work and personal life and instead is more about having the limberness to get things done in your personal life while still having time and energy to relish your leisure time. It is a state, equipoise of a person uniformly set up the ultimatum of one’s career and the ultimatum of one’s leisure time. If one has balance in their lives, they feel like they’re on solid ground, And have a good command on all the outlook of their lives. In a balanced state, people will never be feeling like their mind, body and energy has been dragged so solidly. It has put strict restrictions on all our preferences- what we eat, where we go and much more. Though it is a dire need of the hour, we have become more responsible for our habits and helping each other. 

Lock down affected daily life of professionals: 

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is hard enough under Usual occurrence, let along while in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. It has affected everyone’s life differently, How professionals life is affected is as follow: 


Many challenges are being faced by the doctor and nursing stop such as: 

  • Diagnosis of a large number of COVID-19 patient and routine patients.
  • Make a distinction between reckon and established patient of COVID. 
  • High difficulty in operating existing medical cases. 
  • Patients Already admitted in hospital due to other health problems are neglected. 
  • Overload on doctors and other health care professionals, who are at a very high risk. 
  • Overloading of medical shops. 
  • Requirement of high protection. 
  • Disordering medical supply chain.


  • Manufacturing of essential goods have been decelerated. 
  • Supply chain of the products have been disordered. 
  • Losses in national and international business. 
  • Poor cash flow in the market. 
  • Remarkably decelerate in revenue growth.

3. SOCIAL : 

  • Service sector is not able to supply their finance ,marketing, transport, insurance services to the population of the country. 
  • Many wide range sports tournaments as well as every sport event has been affected. 
  • National and international services being put on hold as well as cancellation of services being affected worldwide. 
  • Excessive stress among the large population of the country. 
  • Social distance has become an important and compulsory part of life. 
  • Shutdown of hotels, restaurants and religious places, cinema halls, gyms etc. 
  • Shutdown of places, sports clubs, swimming activities, events so on. 
  • Delay in the examination affected a lot.


Due to lock down everyone has to stay at home and work from home which makes everyone’s schedule unbalanced. 

Teacher: *According to the teacher today, this difficult situation has taught them to unlearn a lot of things and learn some more. *Online classes have been a challenging task. *Maximum efforts are put to keep their students engaged with different tasks and have incorporated several apps. 

Entrepreneur: *More than 70% of startups have to terminate full-time employees contracts since the start of COVID 19. *Many entrepreneurial businesses have pivoted to meet new needs for goods or services.


  • Teachers’ daily routine disturbed as they have to take online classes from their homes which resulted in many advantages and disadvantages too. 
  • As there is no separation between home time and school time. 
  • The schools and colleges are fastened across India,Every parent experience as a teacher and every home become a school. 
  • Children are suffering as they are not able to manage playtime and me time. 
  • Undetermined time creates more problems for students as they do not know how to manage their routine, as they are below the belt routine. 
  • Children are not able to focus on a particular task as they are not allowed to go out and they get bored in their free time and don’t know what to do. 

As we all are affected by this pandemic our economy has also been affected so much by the COVID-19 

The Indian organised restaurants in cause to see a 40 -50% cut in the revenue ,this fiscal due to disruption cause by pandemic: 

  • Restaurant closure. 
  • Job cuts. 
  • The whole food supply chain has been destroyed. 
  • The organized sector has also seen a 90% reduction in sales 40-50% in the online orders have faced many impacts and challenges such as, 
  • Brand loyalty and trust. 
  • Contact less delivery. 
  • Demand was muted.


Several industries have been severely affected as existing business are very poor and have to take up to online. 

  • Recession. 
  • Outbreaks could cost the global economy up to $2-trillion this year. 
  • Global economic growth to clock in below 2.5 % to deal with the effects of COVID. 
  • OPEC has proposed to curb oil output. The price of oil has fallen by about a quarter. Demand for fuel is expected to decline. 
  • RBI bank and many financial services companies have said that a global recession is certain. 


Industries like Airlines, tourism, import and export companies, retailers, events, restaurants and many other non – essential services have been hit. Many services have been able to go digital and in an effort to continue running their business such as, 

  • E – learning. 
  • Online fitness classes. 
  • Food and grocery delivery services. 
  • Telecommunication apps. 
  • Many companies have been able to adapt working from home. 

But there are many industries that can’t switch to a digital platforms and continue functioning such as, 

  • Hair salons. 
  • Spas. 
  • Events. 
  • Movies theaters
  • Tourism industry.


1. Follow routine: 

When you are on work from home you must shape your day in a way that makes life peaceful. Make sure that you manage your time accordingly like when to work, when to get a break and when you will lose your work. 

2. Design a workspace for yourself: 

You can design a workspace that is distinct from the rest of your home. 

3. Detach yourself : 

Working from home is the same as working from the office. you get a time limit to finish your task as you have to offer it on a relevant time as prescribed. So, touch yourself from everyone at home and fully focus on work. 

4. Not skipping any meal: 

As everyone has workloads they don’t get time or they Forget to have a proper meal. This is not to be done, Everyone should first focus on their health and have a proper meal at a proper time. 

5. Soften yourself over the weekend: 

As weekends are the really important days you can get relax and be fresh and have a distance from your work. Give this important time to yourself and your family and close ones.

FINAL WORD : This is just a little information about the work-life balance for the professionals as they are facing many issues due to their hectic and stressed schedule which has led to dis-balance in their personal as well as professional lives. The best way to forget one’s challenges is to help others and solve them. “Unlearning is new learning.”