Why career counselling is important and how does it help students overcome the fear of failure?

From the very beginning of our lives we get a proper guidance from our parents on every step which shapes us into the kind of human beings we are today. If this general counselling or guidance is not provided to us at the right time and we are left to grow on our own , there obviously will be a thousand of qualities which will be absent in us and will stop us from exceeding in our lives.

Similarly, career counselling plays an important role in the prospect of our profession or occupation. If suitable and appropriate instructions are not sought by us at the crucial moment of deciding the career prospect , our whole future will be at stake . Sometimes it we are unable to analyse ourselves and define our strengths and weaknesses. That’s where career counselling comes to our rescue.

India is now modernising as a country and most of the youth in India is now interested to do something out of the box. With the advancement of technology, many new career prospects are also emerging , for example, many people are now spending more and more time on social media which has led to generating careers related to content creator on YouTube , Instagram Blogging etc.

Now if someone wants to advance in the above mentioned fields, they need to urgently have a career counselling session to know about the growth prospects, income, future related to the career among many others.

Sometimes we render ourselves to be our own master . Through the word of mouth of our friends , relatives, neighbours , we dive into something about which we do not have any trace. Before questioning ourselves about the qualities one needs to have to grow in that particular area, we get entangled in our own silly decisions and have to satisfy ourselves with some mediocre job which we never wanted to do in the first place.

Most of the students have a very clear idea about the career aspects related to engineering, medical , lawyers etc. But apart from these popular courses there are many spheres which students want to explore. But due to their lack of knowledge about the information of that profession, thet satisfy themselves with some random job.

Career counselers help students pass through these phases of trauma smoothly and at the same time provide them with the idea of selecting their passion as a career.

All the above mentioned facts are faced almost by 90% youth of the world. Hence, to save ourselves from creating a big mess in our career related decisions, it is advisable and thus important to consult a career counseller at the right time.

Career counselors are trained to help uncover all the things we need to think about, along with useful tips that will hopefully lead us to making the right choice. A good Career Counsellor is a problem solver, a keen listener and observer, and has sufficient knowledge of various fields to guide you in your career decisions.

The Career Counselling process is based on a relationship of trust and confidence between the career counsellor and student. In order to help the students, the counsellor may sometimes talk about their emotional and developmental issues, which can be a little stressful. The student and the parent need to place an enormous amount of faith in the Counsellor to take care of such matters.

Set your priorities right and before jumping onto any conclusions, it is important to consult a good career counselor to see yourself in a position where you always wanted to be. Take your decision before it’s too late.


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