What to do after graduating? Pursuing the dream career!

“The ship is safest when it is in port, but that is not what ships were built for.”             
 -Paulo Coelho (The Pilgrimage)

Graduation is the phase of deciding what we wish to do with our future. You have come a long way with dreams imprinted on your mind from adolescence. It is completely normal to revolutionize your desires and opt for a career which attracts you. The dreams that have been embedded in your mind, you shall have to work hard to achieve it. You may be wondering ‘what to do next’ and all kind of thoughts may bubble up in your mind.

What comes after graduation and what are the paths you wish to tread on? Are you truly ready to strive for your dreams? Everyone’s path will vary and you shall have to continue with your life journey.

Robert Frost poem ‘The Road not taken’ encourages the reader to be careful with our strategic planning for our future for we are unable to experiences all things with the limited time we have. You need to know your strong points and the things that you lack. Therefore, one needs to plan the path carefully with thorough observation.

Choices in your hands:

Which are the options you have, let us list a few of them:


It allows you to go back to experience student life once again. It is applicable for those who completed their Under-graduate and wish to gain broader knowledge along with the aim after professional lines. The benefits you will gain from this course are the path to realize the rationality of your subjects or doing research at a more advanced level.


Nevertheless, the pursuing of Masters is time consuming and luxurious, if you’re one who is not interested, it will far be better off to research and explore on what may grab your interest. You must never take up a Master’s degree to stall time or to boost your employability. Take a great consideration before you  make a decision and see if taking ‘Masters’ will be worth it’.

Professional courses:

This course specializes on the proficient lines which have a higher rate of placement in the Private sector. If you’re worried about the payment, it mainly depends on your skills. The course fees are high but it will be worth spending on this line. The level of people getting into Post-graduate is crazy as in comparisons to the preceding years and is increasing within the span of time.

This course will prepare you on one particular thing and take sharp differences from what you have gone through your former graduation. It trains you for skill development, a whole lot of new experiences along with a completely new environment. It will excite you both physiologically and psychologically. Let us list the several lines which are huge in market demand right now.

Digital Marketing:

With the advancement of doing everything through online, digital marketing begins to play a vital role. . It is the digital platform of selling and advertising through social media. And with the ongoing crisis, one can work from home and still continue to work with their projects.

Under the digital marketing, there are various categories which comes under this: Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing (Graphic designing), Social Media Marketing and so on. Henceforth, this course serves as one of the finest career you can take up in this age.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM):

You can settle for these courses if you have been having the ambition of becoming a manger in IT company. Yes, it is related with MBA courses, however, it focuses more on the practical activity. The career prospects for those who pursued this lines are indeed, bright.

Master’s in Data Science:

These courses have been assumed as one of the best courses after graduation and there is a huge demand for it. A person with a Bachelor Degree can go for it. It combines the core concepts from Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Information Science to leverages insights. It served the best for those who are interested in building or expanding skills in machine learning, databases and data analytics.

Fashion & Designing:

It is one of the most demanding in the professional industry right now. It is the type of fields in which no one can force you to take it up and put on your efforts. The willingness has to come out from you. It required dedication,  hard work and is very subjective as  one persons preference or taste in design might not be another person cup of tea.

But that does not  means the design bad, its more of  changes  in the person perspective. There is no set rule for designing as it is ever changing with evolving in time. It is a two year course and remember, dedication is on a complete new level in this arenas.

Competitive examination:

A graduate who wish to opt for giving examinations such as UPSC, SSC, LIC, RBI  under the government sector, need to start their preparations either by self studying or taking up coaching classes. These are common steps for the graduates. It is a tough examination and there is the requirement for dedication and hard work in the entire subject with carefully planned and strategist routine thoroughly to enable them to succeed.


You can start up your own business by acquiring the required skills and ideas for your business. In case you are someone who has a thing for creativity, you can start your own business. People have start up their own business lines which range from food to selling their hand-made crafts.

It is the options available for those who require practical activity to that of theoretical basis. It is the path to becoming self employed and becoming your own boss. The task may seems easy, however there will be loads of responsibilities in your hand.

Why is it worthy to pursue your dream career ?

“Give yourself another day, another chance. You will gain your courage eventually, do not give up on yourself just yet.”

A dream career refers to what we’ve always wanted to achieve in this ‘one life’. Doing something you like would also motivate you to work harder and give you joy along the way because at the end of the day you are the one who’ll have to put up with everything, the good times or the bad times. It is necessary to know what you want, in order to pursue it further.

We all have a dream , it is the sole guide to our path on becoming successful. There are people who worked hard and sacrificed so much to accomplished those dreams. We have come through great examples in life and how their hard work paid off at the end.

Here are some tips you need following to remain perseverance on your dreams:

  • Believe in yourself:  Always believe in yourself and never let go of your dreams. Always encourage yourself that you can do it. People may scoff and laugh at you. Do not be dishearten though you may failed at the first trial, second or third. Remember that ‘Failure is the stepping stone to succeed’, you must always get back up again.
  • Slow and steady win the race: Do not be in a haste, take your time and work on trying to achieve your goals.
  • Strive hard to reach your goals: Remember, you need to put efforts and hardwork to reach your goal. Success would not come at your doorstep by itself.
  • Be humble: Being humble is one of the greatest virtue found in the characteristics of a person. It will create opportunities in your relationship with others and earn you respect.
  • There’s always a silver lining behind the clouds: Whatever the circumstances and hardships you may come across, remember that there is always sunny side behind the shadow.

Your happiness and satisfaction is all that matter in the end. Go out and experience new things, have faith in yourself. Let experiences be your best teacher and do not forget to thoroughly research on the things you are interested in.

-All the best-