What role does personality development play in the placement of students from various schools and colleges?

The term personality can be defined as a set of characteristics that include behavioral patterns, emotional traits, belief systems which are a result of social, biological, emotional and environmental factors.

While there are no parameters laid down to define personality as such but it can be considered as a set of personal traits of an individual which predicts one’s behavior, thought process and also contribute towards how that individual approaches situations and the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Personality development, on the other hand it is a pattern of thoughts, behaviour, emotions and feelings of an individual that sets them apart from each other.

In order to stand out and have a personality that radiates positivity and charm, it is important that an individual works on the personal traits mentioned above and ensures that they are moulded in a manner that appeals, impresses and adds a pinch of uniqueness to it out of the ordinary.

This article focuses on the importance of working towards developing one’s personality and the key role it plays in the placement of students in various colleges and schools.

With the increase in competition and standards of education, having a good personality becomes extremely crucial for a student to be placed in an institution. There lies a direct relationship between a student’s placement and his personality. So, it becomes essential to develop traits that adds a wow factor in a student which makes them confident and powerful while in the process of being placed.

Schools and colleges these days have a structured mechanism and have placement drives which include qualifying exams, aptitude valuation and interviews. A student might qualify and ace the initial rounds of curricular excellence but often fails to meet the standards required to qualify in the interview round due to lack of confidence, low self-esteem, poor communication skills and unsatisfactory and unfavourable behaviour.

Many students face difficulties in being placed in their preferred schools and colleges due to the reasons mentioned above which is why it becomes essential to improve a candidate’s personal traits, and identify the area in which they lag behind and work towards such skills and induce such skills in their personality.

Bringing about changes in one’s personality is not an over night journey and it is often based on the temperaments that they had as an infant. But due to social alterations and emotional transitions one might not be evolved and carry the most radiating personality. But however, as life moves on one must focus on improving themselves and putting out the best of themselves to the world.

It is very important to know that change is the only constant thing and because we live in a competitive world, students are constantly working on their qualifications, skills, intelligence and also overall development.

With the world constantly evolving one must have knowledge about every aspect be it, technical, current affairs or any socio-political issue. In addition to that, each candidate must have a practical approach towards each situation and be confident about facing and tackling what come may.  

If a candidate has certain limitations with respect to their personality, it may act as a hurdle in being placed in a certain school or college

But there are various ways to improve those limitations by taking up respective courses; be it online or physical, having a good networking capability and also be staying confident in every step of the way.

Personality development goes hand-in-hand with college placements or job recruitments as it grooms the candidate holistically and adds that pinch of uniqueness as mentioned above, improves communication skills, develops a positive attitude towards situations and also radiates confidence and power which attracts the person or panel responsible for such a placement or recruitment.

The panel might have various options and candidates to choose from and if one fails to live up to the expectations or fan out his personality and enable the interviewer to have peek into one’s traits, the panel might rule out and reject the candidate for not leaving an impact and not being good enough to be a part of that organization.
Therefore, it is always important to constantly improve one’s personality and accustom their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings to positivity and confidence.