What is the Role of Friendship in the life of a Young Person?

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

                                                                                                         Proverbs 18:24

Men, as a social being, favour having their peers as a companion. Friends play a vital role in the decisions making and reasoning with life. A study on the termed ‘friends’ mostly varies to one’s own expectations which counterpart to an individual possessing the same interest regardless of the ages. Friendship particularly laid a huge impetus on the young minds. The relationships happen when a child begins to disassociate from his family. La Gaipa constructed a ‘Friendship scales’ which depicted that friendship falls on the anticipations among the individuals from each other.

The Dynamics of Friendship:

A friend comprises of diverse characteristics and that is what makes the relationship so interesting and fun. It is not a homogeneous phenomenon and it takes a different level of development among each other. Hence, the mixture of dissimilar characteristics bring out the best in each other and partake their own role.

Types of Friends

  • Stranger: A person who you meet across your travelling path or in functional programs, interact and remains well known with each other.
  • Acquaintance: A person with whom you are acquainted with within a specific scope.
  • Close-friend: A person with who you can share all details about your life and comfortable to interact with.
  • Best-friend: Correlated with close-friends, however, they stay with you throughout your ups and downs.
  • Know-it-all: The Intelligent, straight-forward, the advice-giver.
  • Comedian: Outgoing, clumsy, insane but means well, kind-hearted.
  • Studious: Bookworm, the world rotates on studies, talk-less.
  • Mother: Caring, freely giving, great personality.
  • Stooge: Oblivion, constantly made fun of, the type who does not care about the talk of the town, arcane.
  • Multi-talented: Good in studies, sing, dance, raps and the list goes on.
  • The ditcher: Hated by all for always re-scheduling plans, fun to be around, sarcastic.
  • Latecomer: Always late for everything. You ask them to arrive by 8 am, they are bound to reach by 11 am
  • Listener: The one who can really listen well, but bad in giving advice at the same time.
  • The street-smart: Average intelligence, aware of on-going stuff, well interacted with people


Youths are specifically prone to getting influenced by their peers. There are certainly virtuous and corrupt sways it imposed on young minds. From the historical period, we have come across countless tales which ignites our mind about friendship and how it has been imprinted in our thoughts. Friendships are no less important in life, for subsequently with the right friends, all custom of hardships and complications are easier to bear it. It has to be cultivated and nurtured with years to be meaningful.

The songs “Gift of a friend” by Demi Lovato, “Count on me” by Bruno Mars and “You’ve got a friend” by Carol King, express the critical role played by good friends who helped to discover our inner beauty. Bosom friends share each other’s life plus come what may, they stick together. Females are more inclined to getting intimate with friendship as compared to that of a male.

Benefits of Friendship:

There are several advantages in spending times with friends for the majority of the people who act as a substitute in coping with mood swings and healthy lifestyles. It is profoundly rewarding for most people, especially the youth. Handling friends is tough at the first pace since it takes time to know the other completely. However, for a longer happier, more fulfilling life, it is certainly worth the effort. People without friends witness vulnerability to loneliness, the poignant situations we all have felt at some points in our life.

 Sometimes, there is certain stuff you are unable to share with your parents, but you feel more convenient to share with your friends and talk about each other experiences. Friends help us carry our burden and lighten up our mood and we feel a lot at ease. It is one of the best remedies for physical and emotional stress. With friends, you can go and explore new adventures and venture into new experiences.

According to Harvard Health Publications, “Social connections are the solution which can help prevent a high rate of stress level of an individual, which are harmful to the heart arteries, insulin regulation and the immune system”. Peer networks circulate from making a decision to taking an action towards their particular goals. This linkage shapes the youth behaviours in multiple contextual influences.

Peer pressures often lead to the initiation of making the wrong decisions. Studies have linked adolescent drinking, drug abuse, automobile accidents and engagement to illegal activities as the influenced influx by friends. Young individuals, during their adolescent period, are at the stage of the critical period. Parental influences and friends are included in exerting influences on them.

Who are the ‘Good Friends’?

All friends are not trustworthy and you need to selectively choose your friends. Not every friend is worthy of your love and trust. Good friends are open, genuine and tolerate each other’s frailties. A genuine friend will tend to criticize and correct you when you made a mistake, however, they will never try to harm you. They will appreciate you for who you are and be your shoulder to cry on. They not only help you physically and emotionally but can also help you financially occasionally. Though the world may turn their back against you, a true friend will stay with you no matter what the circumstances will turn into. Good friends bring growth to your life.

In this generation, it is very rare to come across a true friend, and there are lots of cases where one’s own friends betrayed them due to their selfish motives and greed. Friendship should be laid on quality and not the quantity. It is better to have 1 loyal friend rather than 100 fake friends. Never let yourself be taken advantage of by people whom you called ‘friend’. Remember to ‘choose your friends wisely’ and be with people who appreciate your little flaws in you.