What is career counselling and why is it important ?

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
– Steve Jobs

When you commit yourself to a job you love, you lead a healthy and longer life. You are able to maintain healthy personal and professional relationships. You are very productive. You also become a person; people can look up to. You have heightened self-esteem, and an authentic sense of humor comes as a bonus to you. Therefore, you need career guidance to choose the job you love and live a life that counts.

Career guidance, also known as Career Counseling, is a process that helps you to understand yourself and the world of work to make a career at any stage of life. It is more than just deciding on a major or what job you want to get after graduating. It’s a lifelong process, one that’s going to affect your life throughout, because situations will change, and you will have to make your career continuously.

In this era, it’s quite necessary to consider the effects and consequences of choosing the wrong career. Unsatisfying jobs often lead to depression and anxiety, so finding a fulfilling career is considered to be essential to mental health. You tend to make the wrong choice because sometimes, you are utterly clueless about your desires. Sometimes, you tend to make the wrong decisions because you are way too affected by the intervention of peers and family.

Sometimes, you tend to get stuck in a stereotypical idealism of society, that you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of the ways to stand up to society standards. In the 90’s, extracurricular activities like sports, singing, dancing, etc., were considered to be taken as hobbies, and writers were supposed to be nut jobs. People who chose to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, or the careers which were idealized by society, were considered to be elite. But in today’s era, you have many choices because of the internet. E.g., Ajay Nagar is the 12th dropout and is now famously known as Carry Minati. He chose his passion over the societal pressure of choosing an ideal career.

You may be good at several things, but you must figure out what it is you like among them the most. It is necessary to detach yourself from societal expectations and figure out their strengths, talents, and weaknesses as well. Therefore, it will be quite useful if you consult a career counselor.

Career counselors play a considerable part in the career attainment process. Their goal is not just to help you make wise decisions in the present, but to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to learn as well. You can talk to them about your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns regarding your career and educational choices.

They will help you organize your thoughts and feelings, and will also make sense out of them. Also, they will help you determine your next steps and locate resources and sources of career information. They can not make decisions for you because it is the choice that makes you who you are and drives you on to your daily routine to earn a living. Therefore, it would be best if you kept in mind that it is you who has to decide in the end.

Sometimes, your situations might not allow you to choose the career of your liking, and you have to go for a job to help your family out of a financial crisis. In the 90’s, it might seem as if it were the end of your dreams, but in today’s era, it isn’t the end. Thanks to the new trend, the people have been following Multiple Career Option.  You are bestowed with multiple talents and interests. It would be very beneficial if you turn them into multiple revenue sources. It would be best if you enjoyed what you do and managed your time smartly so that along with work, you don’t ignore your health and family in the process.