Nurture Talking, not Depression!

“Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of desolation and apathy. It affects how you perceive, think and behave. Suicide is a the leading cause of death in young people. A significant cause of suicide is depression.”


You feel sad at times. It’s a normal reaction to loss or complications in life. But when sorrow lasts for days to months that it keeps you away from living life, that’s depression. It can cause a lot of symptoms within the central nervous system, many of which are easy to dismiss or ignore. Symptoms of depression include overwhelming sadness, grief, and a sense of guilt. Emptiness and hopelessness can be the description of the feeling.

You would be able to link several reasons with the evolution of depression within you. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the unwavering thoughts they are having and being angry or cynical all the time are not the only causes of depression. It could be a result of an event from the past. It’s not just the past or the future.

You could feel depressed because of the situation you are stuck in presently.  Maybe, it’s a combination of all three; regrettable things in the past, leading to a miserable condition that you feel will be the reality for the rest of your life. There aren’t any boundaries set on what your mind would think. No wonder, it’s so important to set up your limits of what you should consider and say about yourself.

A person living with depression frequently experiences completely different thoughts before and after a depressive episode. Many people who suffer from depression report feeling as though they have lost the ability to imagine a happy future, or remember a happy past. For them, dealing with emotional pain can become unbearable, and their lost resort is ending it.

They don’t want to die, but it’s the only way they will they can put an end to their misery. It is truly an irrational choice. Your outlook towards your life becomes jaded.  After all, it’s quite easy to see doom when you’re depressed.

Many people find it challenging to put these feelings into words. It isn’t easy when you are not sure what’s going on yourself. It may seem even harder to share personal feelings, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. It would have saved many people from mental, emotional and even physical pain and suffering, had there been some courses on understanding your own emotions.

Although you can not change the past, you can certainly change the meaning you have assigned to it. You might carry a negative emotion for an eternity if you attach a negative connotation to an event that has occurred in the past.

You have to realize, you’re not alone in your confusing emotions, dark thoughts and daily struggles. Your life has meaning, and you shall find it. It may not be what you expected, but that doesn’t make you a failure. Sometimes, you are blinded by those dark thoughts that you are unable to count your blessings.

 Failure, stress, frustration and hopelessness are not the reasons to lose your appetite for living. The thought of living wouldn’t scare you anymore, once you are aware that choosing life meant having to deal with all the things that made you want to die in the first place, but with it also the possibility of feeling something that you could never feel again if you had chosen not to live anymore. You have to realise, no matter how low you have sunk or how bleak is your situation, this is not the end.

The tough moment shall pass one day. You are one of the hundreds, of thousands and even of millions. You are doing the best you can, and you need to believe it in your heart as well. All you have to do is to reach out a friend. It doesn’t have to be confessional. Help comes in all shapes and sizes, so find a friend, who isn’t just useful to confide in, but is also capable of making you laugh, distracting you, having fun with you, and is good at helping you feel relaxed. After all, taking steps to add a contact into your life can chip away just a little, or a lot, of the feeling that you are alone at sea.