Life can be a prick sometimes but here are 5 golden rules that will help you to win in life.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”– Albert Einstein

Life is a vicious circle of no beginnings and ends. Your life begins only when you start living it thoroughly and not just to merely survive. Life is not about winning or losing , but about living. The way you live your life makes you a winner or a loser. So here goes the strategies that will definitely help you to become better at whatever you are doing in life.

1. Set your goals:

Your journey towards success and betterment kicks off as soon as you set your goals. Why? Because from the moment you set goals , you start working towards achieving them. In the process of moving towards your target, you fully engage yourself in maintaining a certain routine which triggers new behavior and makes you challenge your ability.

This also helps you to build a strong relationship with your strengths and weaknesses , which you overcome by the time you realize them. Setting goals thus helps us to move forward in life and makes us realize our potential. Goals are a great way to hold ourselves accountable, even if we fail. Setting goals and working towards achieving them helps us to define what we truly want in life.

2. Never consider yourself to be the best

Never ever consider yourself to be the best ! Remember that there is always someone out there, come what may, will possess a potential which you do not endorse in yourself even when you are at your best. This will never stop you from learning new things in life and you will never cease to work on yourself. The more scrupulously you strive to improve your doings , the more superior you become from your previous inferior self.

3. Believe in yourself :

There are a lot of factors that will help you in realizing your goal , but the biggest factor that will assist you till the end is self-belief. Believing in yourself is the foremost constituent of winning. Assurance in your abilities to accomplish greater things will accommodate you in crossing the threshold of difficulties which you never considered of even looking at before.

Sometimes our under confident nature and self doubt overshadows our strengths and we become more vulnerable to achieve something which is way below our standards and capacity. The society will forever try to shake our confidence , judge our potential and question our aptness which sometimes affects us negatively and make us doubt ourselves and thus we try to give up.

But if we persistently believe in ourselves rather than in the society , we will become unstoppable and would surely rock the world with that kick ass self confidence and that bright personality shining brighter than the sun.

4. Risk it to get the biscuit:

Taking risks in life is a very crucial factor to constantly keep moving ahead in the direction you’ve chosen for yourself. Many people fear to chose a path which is less traveled by and hence they fail to stand apart from the crowd. They end up becoming the regular items in the menu card and fail to embellish the flavor that the world really need in their life.

Taking risks bring forth a whole new set of opportunities for the future. There is no shortcut to success , we repeatedly have to challenge ourselves with new struggles and hurdles , because this is what we call life. Sitting on the couch the whole day just because you are so sure about your father’s business gotta be inherited by you. Wake up my dear! Generate summons for yourself! Consider the ingredients that will make you ready for any circumstances for the future .

Situations do not remain the same throughout and thus taking various risks in life prepares us for the worst. Even if you fall flat on your face, taking a risk will be beneficial. You will gain valuable insight and experience from failure. At the very least, putting yourself out there and trying something new will change how you approach similar situations in the future. On the other hand , inaction will lead you nowhere but would only help you to drastically fail in life.

5. Accept consequences  of your actions:

We as human beings regularly make mistakes , and learning from them is what an ideal person should always do. Let’s suppose, you recently got excluded from your group of friends and now just as any other person , you start spotting them as liabilities and hold them accountable for whatever has happened to you.

Rather than that, try to accept the fact that there must have been faults in your behavior which encouraged them all at once to turn themselves against you. And as soon as you find the answers to this question , you will unfold yourself as a new being and next time this learning will definitely help you in winning more trustworthy and genuine friends in your life. Thus stop blaming others for your actions and start taking the responsibility of spilling the tea, on yourself.

I hope these rules will help you look at life from a whole new perspective and amend 50% of what you’ve been doing wrong till now. Our understanding of various philosophies plays a vital role in our growth and learning. You can learn more about them in the LIFE CHANGING PHILOSOPHICAL BOOKS.