How to connect a DPDT switch with a gear motor in under 2 minutes

What is a DPDT switch ?

A Double Pole Double Throw switch which is also known as a DPDT switch is a switch that has 2 input terminals and 4 output terminals. Among all the outputs either of them can be at 1 or 2 position which in turn makes this switch really versatile. With 2 inputs it can easily connect with 4 different outputs at the same time. It basically comprises of two SPDT swtiches.

Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram for the connection of a DPDT switch with a 9V battery and a 60 rpm gear motor is as follows.

Circuit Diagram for a connection of a DPDT switch !

As you can clearly see the battery of 9V is connected at the center of the DPDT switch. The two wires of red and blue color represent the wires that connect the outputs of the switch to the gear motor. The wires are connected diagonally so that the motor runs smoothly in one direction when the switch is pressed on one side. The following is a video that will show you how to connect it with your motor and battery.

This is how you can connect a DPDT Switch with a 9V battery and a gear motor. Kindly like, share and subscribe if you like the video.