How love and support of a child blurs out the hardships of a single-mother.

All women irrespective of their shape, size, color, race and background are a source of strength and light. It is a blessing to be born as a girl and an even bigger blessing to be able to bear another life. Motherhood is natural and nature is beautiful. It is love in its purest form and care in its honest form. It is a feeling of oneness and contentedness that is followed by responsibilities, obligations and sacrifices. In most cultures, mothers are considered to be the first indicators of the existence of the sovereign mighty.

Life is never a constant phenomenon nor are the situations that one faces. Change is inevitable, but adhering to one’s value system, beliefs and focus is the key to overcome any atrocities faced by an individual. A woman, often in her life comes across various uncomfortable, unfortunate and untoward situations as one of them is being the case of a single-parent.

In India, the idea of a woman choosing to be a single-parent is largely criticized. Firstly, due to societal norms and secondly due to the financial and emotional dependence of a woman on her male counterpart. It takes immense strength, confidence, sacrifice and dedication to be able to nurture and adult a child, without a partner.

Playing the role of a mother and that of a father is extremely challenging and exhausting, but a mother does not stop there. Despite all the societal pressure, tags and cynical behavior, she is solely responsible for her child’s growth and development and she is expected to multi-task and manage all unprecedented circumstances in the best interest of her child.

The decision to rear a child, single-handed comes with significant challenges. To begin with, a single-mother should build herself in such a manner that her personal emotions do not cause an impact on her child. No mother would not want to give in their best to provide for her child and enable them to live a normal life as that of their peers.

To be able to give her child the best of everything, be it education, food, shelter or lifestyle, no matter what the financial difficulties are, a mother works tremendously hard to meet the ends. Being a single parent, not only is the mother responsible for her child but she is also required to effortlessly and gracefully accept and embrace her situation to maintain the mental sanity of herself and her child.

In addition to that, a single-mother should always be fierce and stand-up for herself by not letting society dictate the way she should live her life and by not allowing people to question her capabilities.

Every Indian household has a strong and efficient set of value systems, morals and ethics that are inculcated in children since birth and both parents are equally responsible to imbibe such characteristics. But such is not the case of a single mother who has the additional and sole responsibility to imbibe and ensure that her child grows up with great values, emotional stability, good conduct and an ethical approach towards life.

Companionship is one of the most important aspects of one’s life which is lacking in a single parent’s life, generating a feeling of loneliness causing stress, anxiety and depression. Irrespective of all these feelings a mother truly dedicates her entire life in raising her child and her child becomes the only reason for her survival and the only source of strength that enables her to pull through all the difficulties and fight them to protect herself and her child.

However, the relationship between a single mother and her child does not end once the child is capable of taking care of himself/herself. It is a lifelong inter-dependency on one another.

As an infant who is being raised by a single-parent, he/she is unaware of the circumstances and often desires to have a normal family just like everyone around them. At a young age it is very unreasonable to expect a child to understand his/her parent’s situation. But stepping into adolescence, the child must be more considerate, patient, observant and understanding towards their parent’s situation and be supportive in every decision they make.

In the case of a single mother, she does not expect her child to earn a living, meet ends, do chores, run errands, etc in their growing up years. But all that she expects at the end of the day, is a smile on her child’s face and be satisfied seeing her child happy. Once the child can think and understand their surroundings, it is very important for them to not be a burden on their mother’s.

For all the hard work and dedication that a single-mother has put into raising her children, one must be extremely grateful, grounded and respectful towards their mother. A child who has been raised by a single-mother should always keep in mind the odds that his/her mother has faced and overcome to bring them up and ensure that they make their mother proud in front of all those people hidden in the name of society.

A mother is always a selfless being. She has no vested interest in her child. But if you are a child who has been raised by a single mother, it is your responsibility to ensure that she is well appreciated, validated and provided with the love and respect that she deserves.

No matter how old you grow, it is the duty of the child to take care of a single-mother, practice, promote and safeguard the set values that she has delivered to you and also make sure that no person questions her upbringing and this is possible when you, as a child uphold her dignity and silence all the people who did not have faith in her by being the best version of yourself, reaching great success and taking care of your mother. Being raised by a single mother is never easy but it is very important to be understanding and supportive as that is the only thing that keeps a mother motivated and happy.