Eight things not to do at an Interview!

Interviews provide companies a chance to meet you and see if you’re a good fit. Many people get flustered and end up spoiling their interview because of some small blunders.  People are so focused on what they should do that they forget to focus on what not to do at an interview. Obviously, you don’t set out to annoy your potential boss, but it won’t hurt to be a little cautious.

Running up late: https://www.planted.com
  • Being utterly clueless about the company: Your potential employer might get a little unimpressed if you haven’t learned anything about the company before coming in. The interviewers plainly categorize those applicants as dumb if they are clueless and expect a company’s verbal tour. You must check the “About Us” link on its website and read its mission statement.
  • Talking trash about your Current Employer: Badmouthing your current employer won’t reflect well on you. This depicts a lack of integrity. No matter how reasonable your complaints might sound, your interviewer will assume that you will talk trash about him in the future. You must remember, it’s a job interview, not a therapy session. They could also presume that you’re the difficult one to work with.
  • Not asking questions: If you aren’t asking many questions, it might give them the impression that you aren’t interested or passionate about the work you are being offered. They might consider you to be naïve and underconfident as well. An interview should feel like a conversation rather than a firing squad (where you feel like the victim of that firing squad.).
  • Being Desperate: Being interested is good, but being too interested makes you look desperate and completely undesirable. (Just like in a relationship :P) This might give them the impression that you are too anxious to leave your current position. Taking follow-ups is good, but spamming their inbox with your emails makes you look less like a candidate they would want to hire.
  • Dressing Inappropriately: Wearing brands and logos in a professional interview is a bad sign. You must avoid looking immodest or disheveled. Wearing dresses that show too much skin would lead you to be rejected by the interviewer. You might accuse them of being the fashion police, but they are thinking of their image in front of the customers or clients. Interview outfit etiquette is to dress-up professionally or according to the organization’s needs. You can’t show up to your interview in track pants. That would be so wrong.
  • Showing up Late: Never do that! Turning up late in an interview is never an option. It makes you look unprofessional and unorganized. It also implies that you don’t have respect for the interviewer’s time. Not calling the HR to let them know you will be late and not apologizing for the same are unforgivable and certainly won’t reflect well on you.
  • Using slangs: Using slangs in front of your interviewer doesn’t make you cool. Foul languages are generally considered inappropriate in the workplace.  No matter how friendly your interviewers appear, they still aren’t your best friends.
  • Talking about money: Talking about money directly implies that you are interested in getting paid rather than learning. Besides, asking these types of questions makes you look arrogant and pompous. They haven’t made up their mind yet, and assuming you are selected is undoubtedly a horrible idea. It would help if you didn’t ask these questions before receiving the offer letter.

While a CV paints a professional image and makes your interviewer want to meet you, it is essential to give your best first impression and a positive body language, radiating a confident aura.