Digital learning – a revolution or a retribution


In recent times due to covid-19 pandemic, education throughout the world has been shifted from classroom based learning to digital learning because of which there is a debate that whether E-learning is as good as education that was used comprehensively before the pandemic

Let us look at a few facts and figures to help you understand much better about the current scenario.

  • Throughout the world over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom
  • Due to pandemic, education has transformed drastically, with huge growth in E- learning and thus education is served through digital platforms

Countries all over the world fighting the virus at their own level, it is estimated that currently more than 1.2 billion students in 186 countries are not attending schools due to this pandemic. Indian authorities are taking measures to ensure that proper education gets delivered to students from all over the country. They utilized the following methods to ensure that the students learn and grow during such a crisis.

Pradhan mantri evidya program:

In order to overcome the challenges concerned with learning from home and allowing students to access education at their finger tips, government of India launched the ‘PM evidya programme’ where more than 100 institutions in India have been given permission to offer degrees online.

PM evidya programme includes E-content and QR coded energized books for all grades

Why digital learning in this era is essential ?

In generation where technologically advance devices are available 24/7 it becomes necessary to adapt with time. Some of the key benefits of learning online are as follows :

  • Recording of the lectures

One of the main benefit of learning online is that you can have access to the lectures at any time of the day since the online education has the facility of recording lectures. Even if you skip the lectures or did not understand the concepts you could go back and watch the recording multiple times to gain more clarity of the subject.

  • Quick information

Information gained through online education is quick as you don’t have to travel. It saves a lot of time because of which the education provided can be delivered to student in less time as compared to classroom learning.

  • Detectable growth

E-learning helps teachers to detect the growth of the students through data of each and every student which gets uploaded online. So the teacher will have more ease at helping students to learn properly without any problem.

  • 24/7 source of education

Time is not an issue in terms of online education as we can have it at any time, any place and any situation with the help of internet. If the student wants to learn during night time he can easily do that with the help of online education.

  • Plenty of resources

Earlier students were restricted to get information and had limited options to explore on specific topic but now we live an era where the world of internet is exploding with abundance of information which is totally free to access. It becomes easier for students to take advantage of such a platform and to absorb as much information as possible

  • Independent approach

Students are not supposed to rely on any situation, books, and person since online education is self-motivating and just requires the willing approach of any child. This helps to develop an independent attitude in students which futher helps them to shape their future.

  • Astonishing digital learning statistics
  1. It is estimated that digital learning market will be worth $325 billion by 2025.
  2. Digital learning uplifts retention rate by 25% to 60%.
  3. The corporate digital learning market is projected to increase by $38.09 billion.
  4. Digital learning has lead to an increase in income for 42%.
  5. A survey of 2500 corporate companies showed that person having comprehensive training programs 218% higher revenue per employee.
  6. IBM conserved around $200 million after switching to digital learning.

Challenges faced by students while learning digitally in India

  • Electricity

For digital learning you either require smartphones, laptop or basically any electronic device that has an access to the internet, though a good percentage of Indian households have electricity connection but the numbers of hours for which it is available is not sufficient in all regions.

Data from the mission antyodaya, a nationwide survey of villages conducted by the ministry of rural development, found out that-

20% of India’s households received less than 8 hours of electricity

Only 47% of the total households received it for less than 12 hours

  •  Devices
  • According to a pew study which was conducted in 2019 suggests that only 24% of Indians have smartphones.
  • Only 1/3 of India’s population have smartphones and is it for the purpose of student education?
  • Extra data pack is required in order to get education on digital platform.
  • According to national statistics office of India survey conducted in 2018 , only 10.7% of overall household in India have electronic devices including computer, laptop, tablet and other similar devices.
  • Only 23.8 % of the total households have internet facility.
  • Poor speed and connectivity
  • Speedtest, a site  that analyses internet performances around the globe, in its latest report on tracking covid-19 impact on speed around the world which was updated on April 15, showed 6% decline in fixed line speed and 18% decline in mobile speed when compared to the week of March 2nd. As per the reports, India’s current broadband speed is an avg of 36.17 mbps and that of mobile is 9.67 mbps.


Digital learning can be a unique way of learning while at the same time it does not slackens the spirit of learning from students without risking their career, it also helps students to communicate with other students all around the globe.

Taking numbers of factors into consideration, there is no specific answer to this debate, but amidst such a global crisis we can clearly see that the digital platforms are growing at a rapid pace. There is no doubt that digital learning has surpassed traditional way of learning, so if you are  in a doubt that whether the online course provided by the online platform will be useful in near future, its a huge YES !