Let us venture together into this world of endless possibilities to find out the goal that you were destined to chase ! 

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We understand how important it is for you to choose the right career. Tell us what is it that you want and we will make sure that you find your calling so that you may strive towards the path of success.

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The key to a successful man lies not his education but in the choices he make. You can be the next Big Thing in this world so it is important for you to choose your career wisely. 

With our team of highly skilled and professional guides we provide both online and offline career counselling to ensure that you stay on top of your career. Your dream career is just one click away. Book an appointment today !

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Our Procedures

We follow a very professional and distinct approach to ensure that we are able to guide you towards the path of success. We believe that hard work can only be fruitful if you put your heart and soul onto something. We help you to understand various career choices and the scope of future in your desired field of interest. 

Setting up a Goal

We focus on setting up a major target for you that would motivate you enough to get out of the bed.

Growth & Development

We focus on developing an ever growing desire to learn and to grow to overcome failures in life.

Future Scope

We focus on understanding the future scope of every field before we suggest it to you.

Winning Mentality

We always try to inculcate a winning mentality so that your dreams may come true.

Stand Out

We believe that if you chose what you love then one day or the other you will stand out of the crowd.

Decision Making

After our complete analysis we finally decide the best career options for your future.

Happy Stories

EduVeda Academy helped me to recognize my inner potential and it has played a major role in shaping my career. I was really confused and I had many doubts on myself. 

Garima Mam and Akshay Sir are very friendly and they paid great attention to every detail that I had to offer. The entire team was totally committed to help me and the graphs helped me to analyze my weaknesses and strengths. I would highly recommend them !

Akshat Srivastava


I had a great session with Garima Mam and the other team members. They paid great attention to my issues and I am happy that I was able to deduce a satisfactory result through their efforts !

Yash Sharma


I had a great session with team EduVeda Academy. Everyone was very friendly and they took a small test to help me to decide what are my key strengths. They even shared some reports with my parents which had a very unique way of highlighting the key points.

Deetya Sharma


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We believe that we can bring the best out of your potential and could help you to conquer your dreams. What are you waiting for ? Get an appointment today and avail the benefits to ensure your success.