Career Opportunities after English Honors.

English Honors is now emerging as a more popular course in Graduation among the youngsters. But the students come to halt after the completion of their graduation in this subject as they are unable to find relatable job opportunities related to it. And if this is the case with you too. Dont worry. Here’s a solution to almost everything.

Here are the Career Opportunities you can choose after pursuing English Honors

  • Content writing : If writing is what you love and if you have fallen in love with writing all the more during your graduation years, then this field is surely for you. With Social Media Marketing gaining more recognition in the recent years , it needs more writers to promote their activities , brands , websites etc. Content writers are important in any company as they mediate the aim of the company to the target audience. Many big firms ranging from Google to Amazon hire content writers. Average salary : 15000 – 50000 pm.
  • Journalism: This is the most sought after career after pursuing English honors. If you have good communication skills and confidence to adapt yourself to required circumstances and environment, journalism can prove good for you. The task in journalism involves gathering news , editing them, presenting the news in an honest and balanced manner. A journalist also must have a way with words which makes an English Honors graduate all the more closer to the job. Average salary : 20,000-70,000 pm.
  • Public Relations: Public Relations can make an important contribution in helping to form an organization’s ideas about what it is, what it should do and what its public want and expect from it. A Public Relations Specialist drafts a specialised communication plan and uses media and other direct and indirect mediums to create and maintain a positive brand image and a strong relationship with the target audience. In simple terms, Public Relations is a strategised process of managing the release and spread of organisation-related information to the public to maintain a favourable reputation of the organisation and its brands. Average salary : 20,000-40,000 pm.
  • Digital Marketing : Far beyond the simple ability of the social media, Digital Marketing requires understanding of consumer habits and motivation, the ability to synthesize analytics, and communicating effectively with clients. Digital Marketing is a newer job in the age of social media and the internet. Almost every single industry needs Digital Marketers in order to stay relevant in today’s society. The Digital Marketer is responsible for a large portion of the business’s online presence. Whether they are focused on social media or website development is up to the business.
  • Civil Services : The most reputable job in India is what you can go for after completing graduation in english. Once you get this job, you got to worry no more for your entire life.

These were the job opportunities after English Honors. You can also go for the higher studies, which I am going to mention below.

  • Masters in English Literarure: If your aim is to reach somewhere in the field of academics, then you should definitely pursue your Masters in English. It opens for you opportunities to become an assistant professor in colleges or teacher of english language. Cool, isn’t it?
  • MBA: The easiest way out for a high profile job is MBA. To get into into a good MBA college, all you have to do is give the Common Entrance Test (CAT) , and boom! 25lacs Per Annum is what you are gonna enjoy.
  • Mass communication: Been a fan of Arnab Goswami lately? OK. Ravish Kumar? Then turn this dream of yours into reality. Enroll yourself in a good Mass Communication college after your graduation and enjoy the lights , camera , Ravish!
  • Law : Not the most typical of career trajectories, but one that is popular nonetheless. A lot of English Hons. graduates these days go on to pursue Law after their graduation. And why not? You do develop analytical thinking and critical reasoning skills as part of your course. Those looking to go this route can take up a 3-year L.L.B course after they graduate.

I hope this article will help you have a smooth road after your graduation. Rest, Follow what your heart says!