Boarding Schools

“Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire. Saying no to our impulses (even the ones that are not inherently sinful) puts us in control of our appetites rather than vice versa. It deposes our lust and permits truth, virtue, and integrity to rule our minds instead.”
– John MacArthur, Jr.

The word Boarding was made while keeping two words in mind, room and board. Boarding schools are known to provide an elite form of education. According to Google, around 78% of the kids who have been to boarding schools were already prepared for college life versus the small percentage of public school.  Generally, boarding school kids are more inclined towards higher studies as compared to public schools.
When it comes to choosing the right school, it becomes quite difficult for a parent because it’s a question for their future.

One wrong decision might end up crippling the very future; the parents are concerned about. You can create a list of your own based on the needs of the family. As a starting point, let’s look at the overview of the advantages and disadvantages of sending children to boarding school.

Pros of Boarding School

Brilliant Learning Environment: Living on campus can be advantageous to the students if they are looking doubt counter. They can reach out to their friends and the residing teachers at any point of time. Studying with peers can help a child in more than one way. Also, they have unique yet integrating education techniques. It offers a holistic approach that allows a student to learn outside the class. Moreover, students can also take up courses that aren’t directly available at public schools.

Helps Unlocking the Hidden Potential:                                   Boarding Schools offer a variety of personal development programs. Students are exposed to a multitude of activities and opportunities that help them unlock their talents. Boarding schools have various cutting edge facilities such as well up-to-date libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc. They not only focus on mainstream education, but they give equal value and importance to extraordinary skills. 

Confidence And Resilience: Boarding Schools are known to give exemplary character development to a child, helping him hold his will in the worst situations possible.  The staffs allow students to learn from their mistakes and help them be their own person as well. Students overcome their initial fears and become flexible, adaptable, outspoken, and disciplined. Also, they gain the ability to make decisions, which helps to enhance their leadership qualities.

Develop Social Skills:           Students from diverse cultures live and attend Boarding Schools. This helps students accept and appreciate each other’s values and respect another’s differences. Students learn to co-operate to find a solution to the given problem. They gain adaptability, acceptance, and tolerance.

Beautiful Bonds for a lifetime: Boarding schools give students a fantastic amount of memories. The friendships are beautiful and meaningful. It makes you cry when you are parting ways with your friends. You support each other in bad times and celebrate other’s happiness with greater joy. You won’t even realize when your friends will turn you into a super prankster. The moments in boarding school will make you cry and laugh simultaneously, and you feel content.

Cons of Boarding School

Missing Out on Home Life: Homesickness can lead to frustrations and stress in children, which causes them to be isolated. They create a shell around themselves and won’t allow anybody in. Moving out of the house is the biggest challenge for students. Sometimes, children are unable to pull themselves out of the mindset, leading to severe depression and feeling of abandonment.

An intense period of pressure: Children create pressure for themselves by forcing themselves always to look good and do good. They actually forget to accept themselves and start looking for acceptance from their peers. This, again, leads to frustration then depression. 

Not so pocket friendly:      Naturally, boarding schools are expensive as compared to public schools. They are often beyond reach to the minor families.

The fuss over rules:            Boarding schools can be a little frustrating because it never leaves you alone. You are never able to make time for yourselves. Too many rules and regulations sometimes trigger a rebellious nature within students. This rules out the very thing a parent sends their kid to boarding school for; discipline.

Bottom Line

Whatever the decision you make for your kid, you must involve your kid in the decision-making process. At the end of the day, it is your kid who is going to attend the school. Also, it would be best if you remembered the fact that not all kids are the same.