7 Ways how COVID-19 has Affected the School Life

The Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle of human beings. It’s not how it used to be. Society has been deconstructed and our perception of normal is broken. One such important area, where it became evident for need of change is education. The pandemic led the education system of India to adapt new ways of teaching methods in order to continue the academics.

The effect of pandemic affected the students, teachers and parents. There is no as such clarity on when the schools will reopen and students will again get a chance to explore the school, as of now there is no other option available except shifting to new teaching method, which is online classes. The crisis made educational system across the country to re-think how to provide interesting and holistic education to students and the way of teaching should be as such that it could compensate the level of physical learning infrastructure.

The dynamics of physical education are a lot different from an online class, but the new teaching method is pitched in very interesting and enthusiastic way by the academicians so that the difficulties developed by the pandemic to education can be minimized

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The institutions and educational foundation who where already equipped with technology, for them it was relatively easy to switch to online classes

In a way the school life of the students has changed a lot in this year. Earlier they use to attend lectures in classroom and now they gain education from laptop/mobiles, from having snacks in recess to having it at home. There has been a tremendous change in the school life of them. Let’s take a glance of it that how in different ways the school life has changed in 2020.

1.Modified role of educator

In 21 century where digitalization is booming and all sort of information is available within few seconds, the notion of a teacher as the knowledge- holder who impacts wisdom to their students does no longer suite in current scenario. There is a need of modification in the role of educator in classroom and online classes.

2. Technology driven education

School life in 2020 is all about technology, students have this opportunity to explore this new way of learning and get use to it as this can be the future of the education system in world. Even teachers across the world are experiencing new changes and possibilities to do things in different manner along with flexibility resulting in benefits of school life for students.

3. E-books

All kind of books are available on internet and it includes relevant knowledge. Since pandemic forced everyone to stay at home it became feasible for students to get the study material from online instead of getting an actual book from store. One of the main USP of the e-books are that they Can be shared online unlike actual books. Even the government of India delivers free e-book on their site.

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4. Flexibility in learning

Earlier students’ school life was to wake up early, get ready, wear uniform and adhere to all the other requirements of school but now the whole situation has changed. They get all the possible education at their home without going anywhere. Learning cannot be more flexible than this, on the top of that students get all the notes and important information in the form of pdf or document.

5. Parental involvement

Though the teaching part is done by teachers but now in this condition parents plays a huge role in tracking the growth of students. Since students are at home, it is the responsibility of parents to guide them properly in right way. Parents are now even more connected to teachers than ever before; they can communicate easily with teachers on daily basis as well as monitor their child’s progress

6. Individualized learning

Students are unique in how they grasp and retain information. E-learning delivers knowledge to students to learn at their own place. In the previous school life of students, they had to learn in the four walled classrooms resulted in scattered knowledge. Now they always have a time aside from classroom instructions to go through difficult topics that are not understood by them. Individualized support can be provided by the teachers from online lecture especially for those who are shy and hesitate to raise their hand or to ask a question in class.

7. Immediate feedback

Classroom teaching may slacken the process of feedback. A teacher has to teach, give assignments, check the homework etc. this can be quite a hectic procedure especially with large classrooms. Learning online will allow students to do quiz and test online. the results will be available within seconds, through auto mark feature available on online platforms. This can really help the teachers to give more time to the students who are slow at learning by having one to one interaction with them.

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Bottom line

School life has transformed into something that we never imagined about, for students there is no other option except online learning. But at the same time having access to different ways to gain knowledge will make learning fun and interesting. 

As parent, you will be more connected to them. You will get to know about the strengths and weakness of your child, this will give you full opportunity to guide them in right direction.

Let’s see beyond Covid-19 and embrace this new way of learning as we prepare our students for future success