7 mistakes you probably make in an HR interview

What are the mistakes you have often made during an interview? We shall list down the 7 common mistakes often made by the candidates and the things to avoid if it’s possible.

  • Lack of research: Research about the company you are applying thoroughly and do a background check on them. The employer will test your potentiality and knowledge on how verse you are. However, you need to do a background check on the skills which are listed for the requirements and co-relate with the demand of the company.

  • Inappropriate dressing style: As the saying goes “‘Your first impression can be your last impression”. Maintaining a decent clean outfit and a great composure to give a great impression upon the employers is the first steps a candidate can gain a score. An imbalanced outfit in the workplace will have the tendency of getting rejected at your first impression. Your outfit will describe your character and hence, you must carefully planned it out.

  • Tell me something about yourself: This one has been the most frequently asked in an HR round interview. When a question has been asked based on this particular questions, the candidates often narrated their whole genesis which led them to frantically bore the board members. Your answer has to be short but precisely straight to the point. You have to prepare the highlighted points of your life and be alert of sharing too much personal information. You have to possess a tricky questions and answers up your sleeve, which can impress your interviewers.

  • No enquiry: At the end of the interview, a question has been prompt up by the interviewer “Do you have any questions?” Having no enquiry sounds rude and shows disrespect for the employers. You can even ask and prepare your own questions before the interview. A person who enquired and interrogate will give an impression of a hardworking and is likely to grab the opportunity for they ‘seem interested’ in the company.
Shot of a group of businesspeople interviewing a candidate in an office

  • Lack of confidence: It is normal to be nervous on an interview and blurt out foreign words during your introduction or when replying to the questions. Preparing oneself and practices will sort out even a tiny bit. Being confident exposes your well to adapt in a new environment.

  • Always switch off your mobile phone: Touching or receiving call during an interview is one of the worst things the candidate could make in an interview. This must be avoided at all cost and in case of an emergency, should politely ask the interviewer to excuse him.

  • Be attentive: Always be attentive and listen properly to the words of the interviewer. Many have failed to practice this step, and risked their opportunity for the job. Sometimes, a situation arise on which your answer may sounds perfect for you, but what the interviewer wants maybe of your own opinions and not some monologue act performed in a theatre. There is no right and wrong answer, eventually, your answer has to be specific and right to the point. Being brutally honest should be avoided at the time of ‘about yourself’ phase.