6 Tips that will Help You Crack Interviews

Interviews have always been a nerve-racking experience. It is a situation where you are judged on the basis of your skills, personality and performance for a job. Everybody gets nervous when it comes to interviews. Apart from this, many people come across symptoms such as sleepless nights, loss of appetite, tension etc. before giving an interview. Relax!!! Don’t worry about it. In one of the studies it was observed that 80% of applicants have interview phobia/ fear and the ones who overcome that have a high probability of getting selected. Don’t panic, you just have to overcome nervousness.

So, here are few of the best tips that will help you crack interviews.

And remember- no matter what career path you are going into, the following list of tips will help you land your dream job

job interview

1. Homework

Before going for an interview, make sure that you have enough knowledge about the company and the role which you are going for. Do some research about the company and collect the basic facts. For example,

What business they do?

 What sector they operate in?

 What is their target audience?

Go through the job description thoroughly and check if you fit in that role. Don’t apply for the job that you feel doesn’t match your profile. You can check out the company culture by visiting the ‘about us’ section on company’s website.

Also, research on their major competitors in the market and figure out what makes this company different from its competitors.

2. A confident body language

A strong, confident candidate can rule the room with wisdom, persoanlity, attitude and great posture. Body language is a vital form of communication. These are the subtle cues that we send or receive to each other non-verbally. Show your confidence through your body language and positive attitude. A confident candidate is preferred more than the candidates with better looking resumé. Be true in your answers and do not afraid if you don’t know an answer. Convince them that you will surely look into that topic and learn about it. Observe the environment and ambience of the interview room. Don’t be light and humorous at the end it is an interview. Your recruiters’ first impression of you often comes from your body language so use it wisely.

  • Negative Body Language

Folded arms

Tense facial expression

Poor eye contact

  • Positive Body Language

Upright posture

Proper eye contact

Arms relaxed by the sides

job interview

3. Portfolio

Prepare your portfolio in a proper manner so if the employer asks for any document or certificate your can give it instantly without wasting any time otherwise it may lead you to become nervous when you are fumbling through your portfolio to extract the important document.  Investing in good quality folder in which you can keep your resume, references, awards and other important document will be worth the money. Although most of the time, an employer already has a copy of your resume and other information, but if you bring the folder it will show that you are an organized individual.

The only that that should be with you is your portfolio and apart from this you should avoid keeping unnecessary items such as, chewing gum during an interview is distracting and considered as unprofessional, you can carry your phone but make sure that it is on silent mode so that it does not distract the flow of the interview.

4. Attire and Grooming

Your first impression is usually more important than a job interview. A good and sharp appearance will show that you are prepared for the interview.  Your employer should see that you are serious about that interview by grooming yourself to look your best.

Things you should consider before going for interview

  • Make sure that your shoes are polished and are in good condition. Your clothing should be neatly pressed and should be free of odors and stains
  • Your hair should be properly combed. Men can get a haircut a day before interview and women can wash and style hair neatly
  • Don’t use strong perfumes or colognes, if you smoke avoid it for few hours and don’t chew gums

5.Never Manipulate or Fabricate your CV

It is one of the most common mistakes done by candidate in order to impress employers but mind you they have been doing this job for long period and it will take them no time to figure out fabrication in your CV. This mistake will lead to problem in your future so be honest in your approach.

6.Don’t Argue with the Interviewer

It is in your best interest that you don’t enter into any kind of argument with employer during interview. Accept that the person in front of you has much more experience than you and it’s best to just listen. That doesn’t mean that you should not put forward your point but present it in such a way that it should not end up into an argument. Always be honest with your answers and if you don’t know the answer just accept it instead of giving wrong answer. Besides knowledge and personality organization gives much more importance to person who is honest in approach.

Bonus tips

  • Be punctual
  • Be attentive
  • Speak clearly
  • Mention your strengths
  • Show gratitude
  • Rehearse explaining your resumé


Recruiters prefer and like to be convinced that you fit for the job perfectly, so convince them that why you fit for the job and how you are best for it at the same time make them realize that there cannot be any substitute to you.

And all these steps and tips will surely help you ace all your next interviews, hope the blog will help you crack interviews and do let me know your response in the comments. Thanks for reading!!!

Happy interviewing! Cheers!