5 ways to enhance your academic writing skills

Communication is an important tool to interact with people that helps bridge the gap between people or entities. It enables one to convey opinions, exchange ideas and express their feelings. Effective communication is an extremely important life skill and it is equally important for everyone to be well equipped with this set of skills to sustain in every step of life. There are various modes of communication be it oral or written. Oral communication focuses on verbally delivering ideas and information from one person to another whereas, written communication includes delivering ideas, opinions, information or feelings in a written form. This type of communication has become essential in the modern world we currently live in. It enables the writer to expand their thinking capacity, improve research skills along with their vocabulary. Not only that, with the evolution of technology and access to internet written pieces of work are now made available to people beyond territorial borders and it helps the writer’s work to be acknowledged by different people having varied opinions.

Academic writing is one such form of written communication wherein the author, in his work, brings out his ideas, knowledge, information, facts and opinions on a specific issue and tries to imprint such ideas into the minds of the reader. This type of writing can also be termed as scholarly writing where the content is completely non-fictional and often deals with analysis or study of a relevant issue which is a part of academic work.

It also includes writings by scholars which involves research in depth to propose view points out of the ordinary and often lays down different theories to provide the reader with scholarly and detailed knowledge on a particular issue. As this type of writing is non-fictional, it requires the author to back his writing with evidence and facts that are true and also deliver the content in a very structured, clear and concise manner.

Academic writing requires great amount of work and one can excel in such a form of writing by enhancing polishing their existing skills by following 5 simple steps listed below-

  1. Exceptional research skills– One of the most important steps for academic writing is for the author to choose an area of interest and this cannot be done with limited knowledge or half understanding of the topic. Once the area is decided, the author is required to have an inclination towards researching, compiling and expanding his take away on the issue. It requires a great set of research skills that an author must possess to put out a credible academic work. The author is needed to have a detailed understanding on the topic which is only possible when the author researches on the same to prove a theory or contribute to the study.
  2. Understanding the level of the intended audience– The author must be aware of the target audience and the level of the audience to whom the writing shall be accessible. Academic writing is generally intended for the people that are highly educated and have great knowledge on the topic in question and the basics need not be explained to them. So the writer can focus on providing information that is not well known to the reader by including different views and points that shall force the reader to change his way of thinking and provide a different angle on the said issue.
  3. Clear, concise and structured– As academic writing involves detailed research and the author must be well-informed about the past of the issue, the author must compile all the aspects from various materials in his writing. The points that the author shall include should be in a structured manner and the facts should be in a chronological order along with all the developments. For the academic writing to stand out from the rest, the content should be very clear, easily understandable, include all points in a concise manner to eliminate potential doubts in the minds of the reader.
  4. Rely on facts and evidence– As academic writing is often done by scholars, University students, professors etc., the topic is non-fictional and is of extreme relevance to the society. The author must base all his ideas, arguments and opinions on the materials, facts and circumstances prevailing. One cannot create a hypothetical situation in such a mode of writing. However, hypothetical situations can be used as examples to prove a point or for the better understanding of the reader. An academic writing should also include necessary evidence to justify the author’s opinion and all the sources from which the information was obtained by the author in delivering the write up.
  5. Have a strong opinion– In academic writing it is important for the author to have a strong opinion on a particular issue so that he is able to convince the reader on the same by providing relevant facts. By doing so, the author can encourage the reader to expand their horizons and allow them to think from a different perspective. Taking a stand on the issue is an effective way to enhance one’s writing skill as it attracts the reader to come back and read more as it provides them with a different point of view and also brings out the thought process of the writer where in most cases the reader can relate to.

For a person to succeed in the field of academia, in specific academic writing, it is extremely important for the author to be able to communicate their ideas in a clear and powerful manner which is only possible if the author has complete knowledge on the topic that he is writing on. As this type of writing is designed to educate its readers, the author must deliver the material in a manner that is understandable and accessible.

Just like every other field, there is large competition in the field of academia as well. But if you are looking to shine as an academic writer just follow the simple steps given above and it shall definitely enhance your writing skills.