5 Things to Avoid in an Interview

Giving an interview is the phase that everyone has to encounter in their life at least once. And passing this phase successfully can change your life forever. We all know that we have to be super confident during an interview and should also be well versed with our resume. Apart from these we should be aware of the things that make us fail an interview.

Hence here goes the 5 things to be avoided in an interview :

  1. Don’t look at the time : First impression matters the most. Entering the place while your eyes stuck on your watch makes you look rude as well as arrogant. Hence the first thing to keep away from is looking around the place and at the time. This shows a lack of interest from your side and will give the interviewer an idea that you are totally disinterested in taking up the job. This will rather help you in failing the interview.

2. Do not act desperate : The standard definition of “desperate” means “having lost hope.” “When candidates are feeling desperate, negative, or cynical, the employer can smell it a mile away,” says Ford Myers, author of Get the Job You Want Even When No One’s Hiring. “Desperation is a total turnoff. Instead of opening more doors for the job seeker, these behaviors close doors to new opportunities.” There’s not even a single person in this world who qualifies to do every task, thus it is okay not to nod your head in certain questions asked by the interviewer. Rather you can try to answer them in a more smarter way of how you are not capable of performing that task but is eager to learn whenever given an opportunity.

3. Don’t be overconfident : Over confidence is the worst thing you can wear to an interview.

These are some of the behaviour an overconfident person may display during an interview:

  • Talking over the top of the interviewer
  • Not listening to the interviewer properly
  • Skipping over questions or giving answers that indicate they feel that the question
    is beneath them 
  • Excessive name dropping
  • Acting like they know more about the subject than the interviewer.

4. Blaming others for your mistakes : The interviewer, during your interview might often put up questions about the past mistakes you have made. Never put any kind of blame on others for scoring less marks in a particular exam , blaming the difficulty level of an exam for not clearing it , blaming an interviewer for not getting through a job. Always take it on yourself and let them know how much have you gained from all those blemishes you have committed throughout.

5.  Not making eye contact : Not looking into the eyes of the HR explodes out your underconfident nature in front of him. This particular body language is one of the biggest body mistakes job candidates make.  This could be because not looking someone in the eye can appear as if you’re trying to hide something and are therefore untrustworthy.

I hope this article helps you. And remember, we all make mistakes. That’s what makes us human. Let me know in the comments how your interview went!