5 Reasons the lack of Guidance and Counselling can hold you back

Guidance and counselling help students to know their abilities, personality and interests which allows in guiding through the right path for their future.

Guidance is the process where individuals ready to know their capacity, intrigue, a limit that will help in the experiencing difficulties looked by them. A counselling session can provide you with proper guidance and counselling for students. Counsellors are professionals that help you encounter all the difficulties related to the future and the right path.

Guidance is the process of an interpersonal relationship that is set up to impact the individual’s attitude and subsequent conduct. The goal of Guidance is to help students and instructors in making accessible desirable capabilities and skills instead of accomplishing the objectives of educational projects.   

Counselling is the process of sharing logic, ideas, thought process, and guidance between two persons.

So how can lack of guidance and counselling hold students back? Students are a lot focused on scholarly performances, yet they never survey themselves since they haven’t investigated in Schools/Universities. They choose and plan their profession not assessing self with the impact of other’s abilities. Most of the students at their age don’t know about their capabilities and skills so it’s hard to make decisions for themselves. With the help of guidance and counsellors, they can shortlist and focus better on their careers.   

Counselling can help you overcome mental problems, it can lower your mental stress by boosting confidence. It gives you the confidence in analyzing your skills, strengths, abilities and makes you strong-headed. It is scientifically proven that the area of interest as career options helps in building the right path effectively. 

5 reasons that can hold students back due to lack of Guidance and Counselling  

  1. Wrong stream selection  

Most of the time it happens that after completion of class 10th, many students choose the wrong career path due to a lack of guidance. Clearly, If I am a doctor, I will advise medical studies because I have expertise in this stream only. Similar is the case for engineers, designers, lawyers etc.

Due to this reason, self-evaluation and certain assessments given by counsellors are necessary. Earlier the scope and fields were limited leading to limited career options. But nowadays there is a wide range of career options available and choosing them wisely is a tough job. Self-evaluation helps in knowing one’s interests that help in choosing the right path for a career. Guidance and counselling help in conducting these assessments that make it easy for students to make decisions. 

  1. Can build mental problems  

Certain students get into depression, anxiety and mental problems as they have a lack of knowledge and cannot decide about the right path. Counselling and Guidance give legitimate direction on how to deal with psychological problems. It is seen that certain students get into depression due to a lack of understanding about the career trends, but through Counselling meetings they can get guidance at right time, avoiding depression. Through these meetings, the graduates and students will have the option to build up certain problem-solving skills which to a degree assist them with managing specific issues encompassing their lives.

It helps in teaching students how-to live-in harmony and peace. Therefore, they can deal with mental pressure. 

India has one of the world’s most elevated suicide rates among youngsters having a place with the 15-29 age gathering. The primary reasons incorporate peer pressure, fear of failing in tests, depression, anxiety, and unemployment. There are a few suicidal stories standing out as truly newsworthy during the board assessment.  

  1. Lack of Problem-Solving Capabilities  

Guidance and Counselling train students in such a way that they become critical thinkers and can build problem-solving abilities. It assists with moulding a student’s conduct and furthermore ingrain enough discipline in them. Guidance and Counselling cause them to accomplish their objectives, guided and counselled students to know what to do and how to get things done in the most possible manner. It empowers graduates going through certain troubles in their lives, to pose inquiries and explain them through guidance and counselling. Consequently, guiding causes them to ask with no fear since the individual in charge is eager to help.  

As indicated by an ongoing news report in The Times of India, around 1 student commits suicide in every 55 minutes in India. In the previous three years, in excess of 26,000 students have submitted suicides because of stress, mental tension, anxiety and depression.  

  1. Lack of Career choice 

Guidance and Counselling professionals conduct proper counselling sessions and self-assessment tests to know a student’s interests and abilities that help in building a better career option. Being a student, one does not have sufficient knowledge about career decisions. Guidance and counselling help shape student’s futures and the right path. Students get extensive advice on career, the right path, employment and courses that give students confidence. This enables graduates to make a properly informed choice and comprehend what they can do after they are finished school and at different stages of life.   

  1. Unaware of Career Trends 

In today’s world also parents and students believe that good marks can get them into the best engineering of doctorial colleges will bring them a successful future. But it is very important to know children’s interests in to the right career path and students should know successful career trends. Guidance and counselling are for both career choice and life choice. Counselling sessions at an early age opens different career trends. Counsellors are skilled people and have a vast network and they have all the information about the latest ongoing trend, they can guide you through the best possible career options boosting your confidence.   

 How can students overcome this?   

  •  Guide students through career counselling 
  • Talk to your children and understand what they want in a career   

Youthful personalities need appropriate guidance that will make them powerful to remain in society and become famous. Guiding not just causes them to settle on choices relating to their professional career, however, it likewise makes them certain and intellectually set them up for cultural difficulties. 

Teachers and parents help youngsters to perceive their skills, qualities, hone their interests and gives them career choices to investigate their dreams. In an ongoing news report in India Today, about 85% of school-going students have no idea about which career alternatives to decide for advanced education.  

Few more benefits of a Guidance and Counseling program: 

  • Plans kids for the profession and individual challenger through career and self-development. 
  • It makes them competent for future achievement. 
  • Equips them with all the most recent career patterns. 
  • Improves personal development. 
  • Shapes the students for decision making and making the process by building up their interpersonal skills. 
  • Actuates collaboration, leadership characteristics and teamwork. 
  • Teaches them about worldwide changing trends and career aspects. 
  • Encourages effective learning. 
  • Gives the feeling of being heard and relief mental problems. 
  • Encourages better communicational abilities and improves their personalities.  

Role of a Guidance and Counselling Professional 

  • Gives wings to the dreams of students through professional and career situated counselling. 
  • Lends a hear to person issues both personal and on the academic front. 
  • Aids in personal development and interpersonal skills. 
  • Offers data about jobs, positions, interviews, career scopes, benefits of choosing a particular field, the way toward accomplishing it. 
  • Advises and planning on study strategies. 
  • Makes students strong-headed intellectually for future results. 
  • This leads the students to move on the right path by motivating on their strong points. 
  • Works on refining the abilities to reach a decided goal.  
  • Introduces to some external organizations.