5-point checklist to check if it is the right company for you

Often, it’s simpler to distinguish a bad organization to work for than a right company. You can look for red flags right from the beginning. These red flags are the signals towards your decision making about joining your dream company. You should not just join the company because you are selected, one should always investigate a little. Try to catch all the hints ones your interview starts and decide whether you will enjoy working there.

At the point when you’re searching for a work, it’s very simple to become involved with what a potential employer considers in you. It is safe to say that you are sufficiently experienced. Do you have the correct insight? Will you make a significant commitment to the organization dodge ball group? But meanwhile do you consider that the company is right fit for you or not?

In this situation of self-doubting, it’s anything but difficult to overlook that the pursuit of employment is really a two-way road. It’s similarly as significant for you to discover the best company that you like and what it’s worth to discover a company that likes you.

Fortunately, most employees and hiring administrators give you a few hints and warnings, all through the joining process about what it resembles to work for them. You can gather this information with the help of these red flags to decide whether this is the right company and right working environment for you.

Here are five different ways to decide whether the company is really the best fit for you.

1.  Look at the Job Description: Where Are You in This Picture?

Usually, the first contact with the company is job description. It’s the company’s opportunity to catch your eye and put forth the case for what reason you’d like to work there. But a few organizations overlook this. They make the employment posting about them and their necessities.

Of course, it’s significant for you to comprehend what an employer is searching for and what a particular role will involve, however it’s similarly as significant for the individual composing this depiction to share why you would need to work there. The right company will include all the benefits, perks and growth factors that will help you to join the organization.

Placing additional thought into these couple of short sections shows that an organization esteems employee—and that is an incredible piece of data to have as its get-go!

2. Interest in Employee Development

Probably the best managers to work for are those that genuinely put resources into their employees’ career development and help support their professional advancement all through their tenure at the organization. In addition, it helps their employees to stick with the company for some time. The focus of the company should be in growing and developing their staff. “Help them grow or watch them grow” is a great saying and it is suitable for the organization.

You can know company’s culture and professional growth factor from their employees, if you have a connection. Also, if you hear stories about the employees sticking at the organization for quite a long time and getting promoted into various sectors or if there are getting any training programs to enhance skills of their employees. This is the right indication that the company wants to invest in their own people.

3.Social Media:

In today’s world social media plays an important role to avoid bad employers. The most obvious activity for this situation is to google look for the organization’s subtleties.  Don’t forget to check their review section on their website, get a thought of their mission. Check whether they have won such an acknowledgment and in the event that they offer steady pay.

Anyway, the main thing to see is whether they have defeated any obstacles and how? These angles open their responsibility towards work and their support ability. This would guarantee you an ensured work as their choices would be sure. There are various social media platforms to know about the company like Facebook, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter. The other advantage with social media is Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. You can get familiar with them, yet in addition what others need to state from clients to past employees or current workers, and even journalists and broadcast.

4. Focus on Answers: What Do Current Employees Share About Their Experience?

During essentially all interview process, you’re allowed a chance to pose questions, ordinarily around the end. Try not to waste it! At the time of preparation make a rundown of your priorities at the company—regardless of whether it’s professional development, personal growth, work-life balance, an adaptable work-from-home policy, or something different—and make certain to get some information about these things.

Be prepared, however—most interviewers will likely attempt to illustrate plus points of the organization. To get past broad explanations like “It’s a buckle down, play hard culture,” it can assist with posing truly specific questions like “When was a period that your organization needed to deliver some difficult circumstances and how was it taken care of?” “How has the organization changed during your time here?” “What are few concerns that surfaced during your last division meeting?”

5. Pay attention on the Company’s Communication Style: Are They Treating You with Respect?

 When you send in an application, this commonly commences a pattern of communication with a selection representative or another person from the HR team—or it could be the individual who might possibly be your employer. Regardless of who you’re in contact with, there are a couple of things to focus on.

  • Timeliness- How long do you need to hold back to hear from somebody? If it’s a critical stage in the interview process, such as scheduling a phone call, do you get reactions in a sensible time period? Is it easy to contact them or a complex process?
  • Professionalism- Don’t be astonished on the off chance that you get a casual email from a recruiter or employer. With all things considered, you ought to get the impression you’re being treated professionally. It truly assists with envisioning this individual as your manager or colleague. Would you feel OK about the way the person is addressing you. You can know the nature and friendliness of the employees.

Final words- Even though by googling an organization you can get a thought of where an organization stands in the realm of business, statistics can’t generally show if one will comfortable and be adjustable in a work environment, for example, an office.

To be certain about an organization merits working for; the most ideal choice is to get with employees or employers of that specific company, what their considerations are and their recommendation. As usual, get your work done and research who you are working for since an organization is just in the same class as their employees. Don’t forget an application is equally important for you to join the company. If you uncover any Red-flag that makes you feel uncomfortable to work with the company then it’s a very good sign that the company is not good for you.