10 points checklist to check if you are ready to clear an MBA entrance exam

In India, MBA is considered one of the most coveted degrees among career aspirants.  It is a two years course that focuses on the basics of core concepts of business. The most popular exams for MBA are CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT, CMAT, NMAT, etc. Also, CAT is known to be the mother of all MBA examinations. Preparation for the MBA entrance examination is highly hectic and challenging. It requires months of hard work and dedication. Here are ten things you must bear in mind before appearing for an MBA entrance examination.

  • Knowing the test criteria: From Board Examinations to Entrance Examinations, it is always good to refer to past years’ questions. It doesn’t just give you the gist of the real exam; it boosts up your confidence as well. Also, most of the time, all the management entrance exams follow a similar pattern.

  • Accuracy matters, Number of questions don’t: Many times, people tend to appear in an exam with a mindset of attempting each and every question. They forget that the exam has negative marking as well, and they end up losing marks rather than scoring. It will be a wise decision if you focus on how correct your answers are rather than spending your precious time attempting everything.

  • Time Management: Time Management is the most crucial thing, whether it’s life or examination. It changes everything. It will be wise if you allot a specific amount of time per question. It’s better to move on to a different question rather than losing your head over a single question and wasting your precious time in the process.

  • Reading time is a blessing: Many test-takers tend to ignore the reading time. This isn’t the right choice at all. Reading a question paper beforehand allows you to devise a plan to attempt the exam systematically. Also, as dull as it sounds, it is imperative to read the instructions as they can be changed.

  • REVISE!!: At the last minute, it is better to revise the old topics rather than taking up the new topics. This will lead you to mix up and mess everything when you appear for your exam.  Also, it shatters your confidence. It will be nice if you go through your prepared topics and general knowledge at the last minute.

  • Business and Industry Knowledge: At the final rounds of your interview, you will be judged based on your knowledge, and coming shorthanded in front of the panel won’t give them a good impression of you. Every MBA entrance exam has its own structure. Some focus on industries, while others tend to focus on business affairs. Being aware of national and international economic policies doesn’t just give you an upper hand; it makes you their prime choice.

  • Knowing Mangerorial Functions and Roles: As an MBA aspirant, you will be expected to understand the roles and responsibilities that you will be entrusted with in the future. The interview panel will be testing your knowledge on the same, and they won’t be impressed if you would be expecting a verbal tour from them.  You will require a brilliant amount of responsibilities, emotional intelligence, team management skills, and many other things.

  • Eligibility Criteria: To appear in an MBA entrance examination, you must hold a bachelor’s degree with a 50% marks or CGPA equivalent to that. (In the case of SC, ST, and OBC, they must have a bachelor’s degree with  45% marks.) You can either apply for the examination after graduation or in your final year of college.

  • Have the right diet the night before: Drink a lot of water and prefer light food the night before the entrance exam. You may find yourself jittery or a little underconfident, but it is advisable to catch a good night’s sleep. These things will help you improve your concentration during the exams.

  • Avoid Stress Triggers: Questioning your abilities won’t do you any good, especially at the very last moment. Have faith in your preparation. It will be useful if you visit your center a day before and plan the journey for the main day beforehand. While it may sound ridiculous but you should arrange your essential stuff a night earlier. You won’t be in a hurry and won’t forget anything important either.

You may also get in touch with previous aspirants. It doesn’t hurt to know the experience of others. Apart from everything, all that matters is to wear your confidence like a crown and don’t let anything affect you.