10 important things you should know before giving an interview

What do you do before an interview? 

Do you plan every right move or go right away? The interview is critical to your overall presentation and confidence inside it. For best outcomes, numerous imminent candidates practice the interview procedure and decide their strengths and weakness. It better sets them up for the interview itself and it ensures they convey compelling and effective responses to each, and every question asked. In this article, we will discuss the significance of getting ready for interviews and some most important things to do before the interview.  

What is the importance of preparing for an interview?  

An interview is an aptitude, getting prepared is crucial for improving as an interviewee. As an interviewee one should prepare because it enhances your skills, involves learning how to answer questions identified to your position and gaining confidence. You can also practice for an interview along with your friend as it will boost your confidence and will help you in your career also. By preparing for an interview you can judge your personality and doing this evaluates how well you answer each question, also how well you approach questions thar are unfamiliar to you. Practicing improves your confidence overall, for example, it teaches you working on posture, appearance and verbal, non-verbal Communications such as how you utilize your hands in conversations.   

10 topmost things to remember before an interview  

  1. Do your research work  

It is the most important thing to do for an interview. You should research the company and interviewer also. Learn all the aspects of the company like their services, role, sectors, customers and job competition. Who is the CEO of the company, what are the current affairs and news coverage of the company, and what is the status of the company in the market? They can ask you, what do you know about the company so prepare yourself. Go beyond the website, learn something from their social media page.  

Look for the information from which you can start the conversation like I was excited to hear the CEO talk about innovation and new technology used in the company. Also, check who will be your interviewer this will help you to research them, their role and their personality. Later, after interviewing you can connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn for follow-up. This will show your curiosity about the job position.  

  1. Prepare your questions  

Some of the hiring managers give you the chance to ask the question; they may be keen to know your eagerness for this job. But asking no question can be a horrible mistake so, don’t rush towards leaving. You must ask 2-3 questions or doubts at the end. Try to take full benefit of this opportunity. Some of the recommendation: 

  • What do you expect from me to accomplish? 
  • How is the performance judged for this role? 
  • Are there any opportunities for additional education and training? 

Your last question during an interview should always be, ‘What is the next process from here’? 

  1. Prepare your mock interview 

Prepare for different types of interviews and questions, this will boost your confidence and help you in your career. You can practice mock interviews with your friend. Try to improve your personality and confidence. Some tips to practice during the mock interview: maintain eye contact with the speaker, lister carefully, don’t interrupt in between, keep away your cell phone, lean forward, don’t slouch back and look at the speaker directly. A handshake and plenty of eye contact show confidence. Your voice should be strong and unshaken even if you are not sure about the answer. 

  1. Must have physical copies of the documents 

Don’t show up for the interview empty-handed. You should carry all the important documents with you for the first impression. 

  • Several copies of the resume -You may come along with more employees that you didn’t expect so, keep resume handy. 
  • Keep your business card with you to look professional. 
  • Your portfolios or previous work sample. You can show your enthusiasm and efforts. 
  • References- they many need it on spot.  
  • Pen and notepad will show your readiness. You may need to pen down something important.  
  • A photo ID can be needed for the entry or may be important for the HR department. 
  1. Choose your clothes according to your role 

It’s best to dress conservatively and look sharp. Unless you have a job like a fashion designer, or they expect you to dress professionally. You should look presentable so that interviewer gives attention to what you are saying not what you are wearing. At first, you don’t know the culture of the company so, don’t go extreme. Avoid wearing too much makeup, perfume and too many designer logos. A day before the interview select your clothes and iron them. 

  1. Know your basic role at work 

You should know about which role they are hiring you for, read the description and understand the job role carefully. The recruiting team will want you to be enthusiastic about your field and job role. That’s why is important to know the basic role for which one is applying. Learn the basic concepts about the job description and how it works. Your voice should be confident. 

  1. Give specific examples 

If you are asked any question that can be better explained with the help of examples, then go for it. Try including examples from your previous job, showcase your personality and skills. Consider different job situations at previous work. One should consider stories from previous experiences. For example, they can ask you questions like: 

  • Tell a situation where you have done multitasking? 
  • Tell me about the time when you worked under pressure? 
  • Any critical situation handled by you in the past?  

By these questions, they want to know your mindset and stability. Provide proof that you have worked in these conditions and your skills.   

  1. Create a note with difficult terms and names 

Make a note of words that are hard to remember. You can memorize them on your way. Try to keep it short and jut down the most important points. This will help you to remember stuff. Also, the right correct names of persons that can be asked by the employer. This can also be beneficial in future. 

  1. Eat a healthy and proper meal before the interview 

Believe me, you don’t want an upset stomach on the interview day. Eating right and light is important. Do not stress about the interview and keep calm. If you ate any junk food night before, you may get stomach flu so eating right is the key. Even on the interview day eat a healthy and properly balanced meal. 

  1. Sleep well the night before the interview 

Sometimes we get so obsessed and tensed about getting a job, that we cannot sleep well, and it makes us look tiring. At the time of the interview, no one wants to appear sleepy or tired. Sleep on time, take proper 7-8 hours of sleep and be relaxed. Do not binge-watching before the interview night. Sleep will make you look energetic, refresh and confident. Keep this in mind for any career options.  

Need more Interviews? Do this 

It’s imperative to seem confident and cool for the interview. One approach to do that is to go on an abundant number of interviews so you get used to the procedure. Giving an ample number of interviews prepares you for a career. Make different types of resume according to different kinds of job positions, it increases your chance of getting an interview. You can also sign up for different websites like indeed, monster.com, nukri.com etc. as recruiters keep on updating job postings, one can get an interview from there. The more exposure you can get, the sooner you’ll wind up back in the interview and then in the company. This approach is beneficial for career options.   

Take Away

Follow these things before the interview and you are all set for getting the job. The key is your confidence and personality. These are the small steps towards success that need to be kept in mind. Be positive and calm. Until and unless the interviewer has done their homework, they are good to go. All the best for your interview. You can get it.