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Discover various creative methods to develop the right kind of understanding. We provide various products and services to help students and employees by allowing them to learn and understand topics that are necessary for their overall growth in various dimensions.

How We Can Help You?

We are a one stop solution to fulfill all your Educational requirements.  We at EduVeda Academy believe that education should not be compromised at any cost. We provide excellent learning solutions and training to individuals from all fields of study. We understand the challenges faced by students during their college years and thus we provide them the following solutions.


We offer various courses in the field of Robotics that helps any student to understand and apply the concepts of Robotics. We provide an ample amount of hands on practice to ensure that the knowledge i delivered multi-dimensionally.

Career Counselling

We provide career counselling to students who are confused about what they should do next. We believe that with a little guidance anyone of you could be the next big thing in the world.

Interview Training

We offer various packages where the students and professionals alike can take part in Interview training to enhance their Public Speaking, Group Discussion and Interview skills. The classes are monitored and are 1 on 1 with the instructor.


Robotics Workshop

Are you interested in learning about how robot works ? If yes then enroll in our Robotics workshop today to understand, learn and grasp the concepts of Robotics and Circuits. 

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Guidance and Counselling

We provide counselling and guidance to students and professionals from various field of work. We also provide training and promote multidimensional development of students.

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Our Community Blog

Connect with our community to learn about a lot of new things. You can even submit a post and get paid if the content is worth. Read and learn more on our community blog.

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Interview Training

We provide training to students and professional alike to enhance their skills to help them crack Interview and Group Discussions. We also provide 1 on 1 sessions to students who need it.

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They have done a fantastic job at providing us the right learning tutorials to enhance our business. The courses were crisp and easy to understand. We have learned a lot of new methods to deliver variety of chocolates to our clients. We highly recommend joining their courses.

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